Is Triumph Fitness a bootcamp?

No. Triumph Fitness is a highly specialized exercise program that gently rehabilitates cancer survivors when they have completed treatment. Class size is limited so that individual goals may be met while interacting peer-to-peer with other survivors. Our instructors are certified cancer exercise specialists, so they know the complications and damage that comes from cancer treatment.

The program is specifically designed to help survivors:

  • Build muscle mass & strength
  • Increase flexibility & endurance
  • Restore confidence & independence

Triumph Fitness can also help reduce the severity of cancer side effects, prevent unwanted weight changes, improve energy levels, and self-esteem. Scientific studies show that physical exercise can decrease the chance of recurrence and improve outcomes for a cancer survivor.

How do I qualify for Triumph Cancer Foundation Programs?

Any adult cancer survivor in the Sacramento area is eligible to participate in Triumph Fitness, no matter where they have received their treatment, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Have recently completed their cancer treatments.
  • Have a strong personal desire to improve their fitness level.
  • Can commit to a 12-week program.
  • Have received permission from their physicians to participate.
  • Complete the Triumph Intake Assessment.

Each individual is assessed by one of our Triumph Fitness certified instructors to insure that the survivor is an appropriate candidate for the program. This initial assessment is an opportunity for survivors to share with our instructors any physical limitations, ensuring when the program starts, the regimen for that individual accommodates any limitations.

Because this program is a group dynamic, there are many factors that come into play with the selection process for our program. A final decision is made after the one-on-one assessment.

How do I register for Triumph Fitness?

If you are a cancer survivor who has recently completed treatment, please inquire here. Still in treatment? Inquire early here. So that we may plan for the next trimester.

What is Triumph Fitness? What makes it different?

Triumph Fitness is a fitness program designed for cancer survivors to recover from cancer treatment. It is offered in 4 locations in the metro area – the Pocket area, Roseville, Fair Oaks, and the Arden-Arcade area off Howe Avenue. We offer the program at no cost to adult cancer survivors who meet our criteria. Survivors should be recently out of treatment (usually a year or less) and indicate that they have experienced a loss of strength and stamina. We require that their physician provides consent to participate in the program.

Is Triumph Fitness a weight loss program?

No, Triumph Fitness is not a weight loss program. While we recognize that the side effects of some survivors is weight gain, our program focuses on assisting survivors in rebuilding their strength, stamina, muscle mass, flexibility, balance, and confidence. It is possible that weight loss may happen as a result of the 12-week exercise program, but it is not the focus.

How much does it cost to participate in Triumph Fitness?

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, Triumph Cancer Foundation offers Triumph Fitness and our other programs to survivors at no cost. We never say the program is “free” because there is a cost associated with it. Currently, it requires a $1,500 investment from our Foundation to enroll each survivor in Triumph Fitness. We gladly accept donations to help us fund the program.

How often is Triumph Fitness offered?

The program is offered on a trimester basis with 7 classes offered each trimester. Classes meet twice a week for 90 minutes. Classes begin in January, April and September and the program is 12 weeks long. We do require that participants make a commitment to attend all classes to receive the full benefits of the program.

We recommend that survivors contact us prior to completing treatment if they are feeling depleted from their cancer treatment. We typically have a waiting list to get into our program.

I am a Cancer Navigator or Caregiver inquiring on behalf of a loved one or patient-- How do I apply on their behalf?

Caregivers and Cancer Navigators wanting to apply on behalf of a survivor, may complete our Contact Form, indicating their relationship to the Survivor.

We recommend that survivors contact us prior to completing treatment if they are feeling depleted from their cancer treatment. We typically have a waiting list to get into our program.

When will Triumph Fitness be offered in my neighborhood?

Because we are a small nonprofit with the bulk of funding for Triumph Fitness being made by individual donors and sponsors of our annual fundraiser, we expand very slowly, and methodically. It costs approximately $40,000 annually for us to expand to a new location and sadly, that money is hard to come by even though our program is so vital to the cancer community.

Until we can identify other funding sources, we are in a holding pattern. If you have a funding source you would like to refer to us, please contact us.

How do I volunteer?

Please contact us directly if you are not sure in which event or capacity you want to serve. If you know how you would like to Volunteer after visiting our Volunteer Page, or wish to sign up now with us, please use our Volunteer registration form here.

How do I donate?

For donations online, visit our donation page.

For donations by check, complete a donor form, print out and simply mail in with your check.

If you are interested in sponsoring an entire class, please contact us! We acknowledge our class sponsors in a very special way on our website and to our class members.
If you are interested in sponsoring our annual fundraiser, Triumph Uncorked, please contact us.

How do I sponsor an event or program?

If you are interested in sponsoring an entire class, please contact us! We acknowledge our class sponsors in a very special way on our website and to our class members.

If you are interested in sponsoring our annual fundraiser, Triumph Uncorked, please contact us.

Who can join Team Triumph? Is it just for cancer survivors?

Team Triumph is for everyone – friends, family, co-workers, and fans of Triumph Cancer Foundation who are enthusiastic about raising funds for Triumph’s Programs by participating in events as a volunteer or athlete. See the rides, races, and community events we frequent here.

How can my ride for charity benefit Triumph Cancer Foundation?

Cyclists can select Triumph Cancer Foundation as their cause to benefit. Contact us to find out more.

Is Triumph Cancer Foundation a 501(c)(3) Public Charity?

Yes! We are publicly-funded and serve the Sacramento Metro Area in Northern CA. Our Tax ID is 45-3968833. See our financials here. See our impact here. Your donation is a tax deductible gift that gives Survivors a new lease on life!

Where are your offices located? Can I visit?

Triumph Cancer Foundation doesn’t have a physical office because programs are offered at various gym partner locations and our intake process is handled online. To send things via mail, please use this address:

Triumph Cancer Foundation
947 Enterprise Drive Loft B
Sacramento, CA 95825

Can I reach Triumph Cancer Foundation by telephone?

Because we do not have a physical office, we do not publish any phone numbers. Our Intake process is handled online. We do reach out to individuals who contact us with specific questions via telephone if a phone number is provided.

I belong to a Cancer Support Group. Does Triumph do speaking engagements or participate in health fairs?

We are happy to speak to any type of cancer-related or health groups about Triumph Fitness. We are also always interested in participating in local health-focused events. Please complete our Contact Us form to make a request.

How do I prepare to participate in Triumph Fitness in a virtual format?

In order to participate in our new virtual format of Triumph Fitness, enrollees need to have a laptop or Ipad with a camera, as well as a Wifi connection. A clear floor space measuring approximately 8′ x 8′ in the home is needed to layout an exercise mat and equipment. The space should also have a closeable door nearby that can be seen from the computer camera during a Zoom session. All incoming participants are emailed a video to watch to prep them on how to set up their Zoom viewing for class ahead of time, and our instructor team works with each participant to “dial in” their viewing space.

Will I still get the same type of benefits from Triumph Fitness in a virtual format?

Yes! While we may not be in a gym setting with fancy exercise equipment, our team has created an effective exercise program for our 12 weeks of Triumph Fitness. Participants still experience the same types of improvement in strength, stamina, and confidence. And the silver lining is that by learning an exercise regimen to do at home with the equipment provided by our Foundation, we are setting participants up for success going forward. This is truly a regimen that can become a life-long habit without the need of a formal gym setting.

What exercise equipment is needed to participate in Triumph Fitness in a virtual format?

None! Thanks to generous donations, our Foundation provides each incoming participant with a basic exercise equipment kit that we refer to as our “Triumph-on-the-Go” bag. Our team of Triumph Fitness Instructors may suggest other items to enhance the experience as classes progress, but the Triumph-on-the-Go bag gives each participant what they need to start on Day 1.

Will I still be able to participate with other survivors in the virtual format of Triumph Fitness?

Yes! While everyone is exercising in the safety and comfort of their own home, classes are still structured just the same with up to 8 participants being guided by 2 of our Triumph Fitness Instructors plus a Triumph Fitness Mentor in a live virtual setting. During each class, time is allotted at the beginning and end for participants to share experiences and news with their fellow survivors. Even in a virtual format, our team has figured out ways for participants to bond and connect.

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