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Any adult cancer survivor in the Sacramento area is eligible to participate in Triumph Fitness, no matter where they have received their treatment, if they meet our program’s criteria.
woman doing yoga at Triumph Fitness
Who Can Participate? Adult cancer survivors who:

  • Have completed their cancer treatments.
  • Have a strong personal desire to improve their fitness level.
  • Can commit to a 12-week program.
  • Have received permission from their physicians.

Besides the base-line criteria listed above, each individual is assessed by one of our Triumph Fitness certified trainers to insure that they are an appropriate candidate for the program. This initial assessment is an opportunity for the survivor to share with our trainers any physical limitations so that, when the program starts, the regimen for that individual accounts for any limitations.

Because Triumph Fitness is offered at no cost to each participant, we are very strict in the requirement that individuals must be committed to the 12 week program and attend every class. In order to receive the full benefits that Triumph Fitness can offer a survivor, exercising regularly is essential. In fact, we encourage participants to exercise on their own at least one day per week besides the two regularly scheduled sessions.

If you are an adult cancer survivor who would like to be enrolled in our program in the Sacramento metro area, please complete our intake form.