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How do I become a member of Team Triumph?

Woman pumping her fist as she rides for Team Triumph
With just a few simple steps, you can become a part of our team!

Step 1
Register for one of the events our team has selected to participate in directly through the event’s website. Be sure to select “Team Triumph” as your team from the drop down menu so we know you are part of our team.

Our next 2017 event is:

Women’s Fitness Festival 5K & 10 K – June 4th

Join us for this annual event that starts and ends at the Capitol. This is a women-only event.  Select from 5K or 10K distances.  We will be fielding teams for all distances.

How to register for the Women’s Fitness Festival?  Follow these steps:

Log onto the official website at 

Click on the orange Registration button to get to the registration page.

Click on the green REGISTER button part way down the page.

During the registration process, be sure to select “Team Triumph” as your team. It is how we will know you are participating. Please make sure to let any friends or family know about this as well.

Select an event in your area. It can be a 5K walk, organized bicycle ride, half marathon, triathlon, or it can be an event you create yourself! Have you ever wanted to give yourself that extra little push to do a challenging hike in your area, or to kayak around a local lake? Really, you can do anything! If it is an organized event, simply register for the event and pay the necessary registration fees.

Step 2

Log onto our Foundation’s Crowdrise website at:

If you are participating in one of our listed events, we have already created a fundraiser on Crowdrise from which you can create your own personal fundraising page. Scroll to the bottom of our main page, and click on the fundraiser for the event in which you plan to participate. Create your own personal fundraising page by clicking on the button on the righthand side below the orange “donate” button that says “Fundraise for this campaign“. Share your story!! Make it personal. And then share the link to your fundraising page with your friends and family.

If you are registering for unique event, to create your own fundraiser is easy! Use this same link:  And simply click on the gray button on the left side that says “Fundraise for this charity”  to create your own fundraiser.  It will automatically tie your fundraiser right to the Triumph Cancer Foundation and we will be notified that you are raising money on our behalf.

It’s that easy!  The key is to share your story and make it personal.

Becoming Team triumph 2Why are you involved?

  • Are you raising money to help a loved one participate in Team Triumph?
  • Are you a Triumph Fitness graduate who wants to help another survivor?
  • Are you dedicating your fundraising efforts to someone special?
  • Do you just simply want to inspire others while helping a cancer survivor to recapture their life after treatment?

These are all great stories!! Set your goal, and start emailing friends and family, sharing your link to your Team Triumph fundraising page. Use social media to share your story and your link!

Remember, all donations go directly towards funding our Triumph Fitness program. All donations are tax deductible. Every donor will receive a donor acknowledgement form for their contributions from the Crowdrise charitable arm called Network for Good, who in turn donates money raised to the Triumph Cancer Foundation.